Routine Surgery

Our veterinarians are able to perform a wide range of surgical procedures with the assistance of an extended range of surgical equipment.

Routine SurgeryOur hospital is equipped to perform most types of surgery with modern anaesthetic machines, cardiac and respiratory monitors, patient warmers and critical care monitors. Our surgery can handle any sized pet (cat or dog), and we use the safest and most up to date anaesthetics available.

Surgical procedures can be booked in for any weekday usually with just a few days notice.

Routine procedures are done on any week day eg.

– Desexing

– Lump Removals

– Exploratory laparotomies

– Dentals.

More advanced procedures are also performed by our veterinarians who have done additional surgical training – many of which would normally be referred to a specialist – this includes:

– Cruciate Ligament Repair

– Orthopaedic Surgeries

– Anal Gland Removal

– Laryngeal Tieback Surgery and more complex soft tissue procedures.