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At Black Rock Animal Hospital, we deal with life. The beginning of life, the passage of life and the end of life. We believe in the sanctity of life and take whatever measures are open to us to preserve that. We also believe in the quality of life. If an animal or creature, one of our clients or not, has reached the end of its life or is in mortal pain, our aim is to give dignity to that life and let it end peacefully. What more could any of us want for our own animals, or the animals and creatures of the world, than a natural and beautiful life with a gentle landing?

Recently we have had a spate of life-closing experiences, mostly elderly and much loved friends but also one or two with mortal injury. We do not take a life without deep consideration and the knowledge that no other course is possible. We want you to know that, to us, to be with an animal or creature as its life here comes to its close is an honour and one we take very seriously. Of course it affects us – sometimes very deeply – as we say goodbye to a friend, client, or creature passing through. But we also know that the life that has ended has done so with all the care, compassion and dignity we can give. Nothing less is acceptable to us.



Exciting news…… Dr Juliet is having a baby in March. Juliet has started to reduce hours and as of early March will be on maternity leave for 3-4 months. She will be back in July. Dr Steve will be covering her leave and is an very experienced and caring vet. He will take very good care of your beloved family member. Dr Nadia who has been at Black Rock Animal Hospital for a number of years is well known to you all and will also be there to take excellent care of you and your pet.



Permanent part time position is available at our small, caring fun practice.
We are looking for someone who likes to smile, who goes lala over a cute puppy or kitten but also over an old sweetheart that gives a nudge for a treat. But we are also looking for someone who is willing to work hard, has initiative, works independently and therefore can work as the sole nurse.
We like our clients to have confidence in their veterinarian and feel that their pet is important to us. This starts with the person at reception or answering the phone. So someone that communicates well is essential.
He or she needs to be competent in all areas of general small animal surgery and anaesthesia. We would prefer someone qualified, equivalent experience will also be considered.
The position is for 3-4 days per week and 1 in 3 Saturday mornings.
Please email applications to Juliet Mills at or contact Juliet at Black Rock Animal Hospital (03) 9589 0777.


We have had an interesting start for the year.

Firstly our pets

Amy’s Macey

Amy who is the owner of lovely Macey an 18month old boxer has been again to Advanced Vetcare Specialist Surgeons as she has bilateral cruciate disease (this means that the cruciate ligaments have failed in both her back legs). She is recovering well from the first procedure on the right back leg and is now counting down to surgery on her left hind leg. She will make a full recovery but has some rehab ahead of her.


Juliet’s little Ernie

Little Ernie has unfortunately been suffering from what is thought to be partial seizures. He has had blood test and MRI scans but there is no diagnosis as yet. He is on medication and is happy but there is still a long way to go.