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We have some fun Christmas treats for your furry friends this year but be quick, limited stock available.





Dental disease is one of the most prevalent health issues seen in cats and dogs affecting around eighty percent of pets today. Dental disease impacts your pet’s mouth but it also impacts the overall well-being of your animal. Not only does it cause bad breath, red and or bleeding gums, difficulty eating due to pain and discomfort and loss of teeth and bone, it can also cause bacterial infections to enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body resulting in permanent damage to the heart, kidneys and liver.

Throughout the month of August we are offering free dental checks by our vets and 10% off all dental procedures. Call now to book an appointment.

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Max's Story

Max’s story.
Max got himself into a bit of strife on Beach Road when he ran out underneath a car. Luckily a lovely person had witnessed this and stopped to help. This good Samaritan retrieved Max from some bushes he was hiding in, called the number that was on his collar, picked up the owner (who she didn’t know) from the train station and brought them both straight to us. We took X-rays to determine the extent of the trauma and found that Max had a broken pelvis and ligament damage to his hock (the ankle joint). Max also had no feeling or movement in his tail due to dislocation of his vertebrae near his bottom. We bandaged his leg to provide stability to the joint during the healing process and for his pelvis he required six to eight weeks of cage rest. Then it’s just wait and see. At first he was unable to go to the toilet by himself so he remained at the clinic for staff to express his bladder- he was even taken to a vet’s house over the public holiday for continuous care. On the seventh day his family and the staff were ecstatic because he did his first solo wee! A few days later he began hobbling around the cage and after two weeks he was toileting and walking by himself. There was still no improvement in his tail however. After 13 days of hospitalisation, max was sent home to be cage rested with his family. In this video, a few weeks after the accident, you can see max happily walking around and even beginning to get feeling and strength back in his tail! All of this would not be possible if not for the care of a kind stranger, Max’s family and the quick action by the staff at Black Rock Animal Hospital.
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